Oujiang River Waterfront Masterplan, Yangfushan Urban Balcony

Civic & Public Landscape
Wenzhou Municipal Government
Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China
Duan Liang, Eva Garcia Pascual, Zhang Yini, Zhou Min, Hua Yayuan, Xia Chaowen, Li Chen, Yang Lixia, Yu Chen

The new waterfront enjoys an outstanding location, bringing the city culture to the Oujiang river and overlooking the mountains skyline of Wenzhou. The landscape concept design reinforces the continuity to the urban structure of Wenzhou. Considering the urban axes, the integration of the circulation, landscape and water systems, the new waterfront interconnects and improves the relationship between the city and the Oujiang river. The different character areas and the main nodes of activity, through the whole proposal guarantees the success of the landscape concept, and offers a great opportunity for the future development of the city.


The master plan breaks the existing monotonous water bank boundary and infiltrates the urban function into the natural rivers. At the same time, natural rivers merge into urban space and soften urban boundaries. Form a waterfront landscape leisure belt with mutual penetration of city and nature. Rich landscape activities and ecological functions are arranged around the landscape belt to create a dynamic, pleasant, leisure and ecological urban open space.

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Structure System
Structure Construction

The 7-kilometer-long waterfront leisure belt is divided into four linear zones with mutually connected and complementary functions, forming a transition from city to nature from west to East. Each area is equipped with rich activity experience. According to different zoning attributes, the types of activities are also transformed from active type to quiet type. Combined with the functional themes of different regions and the connection with the city, seven landscape nodes have been created in the whole site. We are committed to building an urban waterfront integrating leisure and entertainment experience, historical and cultural exhibition and environment-friendly ecology. The future Oujiang waterfront landscape belt will complete the interweaving relationship between the past and the future, realize the integration and penetration of the city and nature, and become a new gateway to the riverside corridor in Wenzhou City!

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