What we create shapes how we live. Based in Shanghai, Aura Design has experienced the most amazing urbanization process in past two decades. We realized that the 8 billion mother planet is increasing facing high density and large population urban challenges. Living qualities are tight to air, water, micro climate, human activities and wild life habitations that we reserved and transformed, today’s technologies have been changing the experience of connectivity, mobility and interrelationship.

Founded in 2016, Aura Design is a medium-sized landscape and urban design studio. Our mission is to revitalize and reenergize space and urban fabric of growing Chinese cities. Including commercial realm, work space, public parks and living environment, this humble beginning has taken us to create a much balanced development, and influenced public perception of outdoor spaces in China.

With a flat structure, Aura allows maximum team collaboration for unique design solution for site specific projects. Our approach to each site entails a comprehensive 360-degree solution: analyze each site, provide creative ideas that based on historical and cultural context and the natural settings, go over design details and perfectly execute construction.


Landscape Architecture, Master Planning and Urban Design represent three parts of the interconnected Aura's professional services, which range from large-scale land use planning at a regional and local scale through detailed construction documentation and field observation for built landscapes. We believe that planning and design are inextricably linked establishing a comprehensive frame work for successful built projects, defining strong physical structure for open space, natural system, buildings, infrastructure and circulation.

Aura uses global wisdom combine with local knowledge collectively to transcend the boundaries of disciplines in pursuit of comprehensive unique solution for the environment. We provide more than just design, we think beyond the physical work, to design for the people. We work hand on hand with our client and partners, evolve the design to solve the current issues and tackle risks, to truly develop the site potentials.

At Aura, the team are organized for each project, led by an experienced project director. The team is made to allow maximize the expertise and experiences for the high standard work. To solve complex projects, Aura often works with professional architects, strategists, environmental consultants, and other engineers. These partners help to achieve the best solutions for the client.