Guangzhou East Station Core Area: URBAN GREEN HILL--Winding Axis, Undulating Melody

Master Planning & Urban Design
Guangzhou New Axis Construction Co. LTD
Gensler, Capol, MVA
Guangzhou, China
Duan Liang, Wang Qiao, Eva Garcia Pascual, Feng Feiyang, Han Peihong, Han Yiming, Jiang Xinyi, Liu Yang, Shen Tianchi, Xiao Xiujuan

At present, Guangzhou is an important commercial and industrial city, a bridge of relations with the world, and will also be a top leading sustainable city. The future Guangzhou East Station will be a key TOD project in the Pearl River Delta economic zone, expanding and upgrading the existing gateway in the city with an innovative approach, enhancing landscape as a major driver of the proposal. This complex project is conceived with a multidisciplinary team. AURA in collaboration with Gensler, CAPOL and MVA created a fully integrated station. The city axis will transform by integrating the history and the identity of the city with a modern, people oriented and ecological environment that fosters creativity, innovation, technology, advance knowledge, wellness and lifestyle, up to the needs of the 21st century.


The design concept aims to create a featured urban landmark, unique in its expression inspired from Guangzhou´s natural landscape: an undulating urban hill that becomes a central urban living room, enhancing sustainability and ecology. It is a new central park in the center of Guangzhou´s downtown area.

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Integrating urban texture and urban context
A new roof park
Urban Green Hill
Green corridor structure activating the life of this new elevated public space

AURA creates a central urban place for people, focusing on the diversity of experiences needed to create a world-class central park. The design is layered with a series of spaces, places and experiences divided in functional areas that respond to the city functions. The design offers activity for the needs of people on a daily basis, as well as for visitors, gatherings and celebration of events. The result is a park for the future, integrating the local culture and responding to its context, climate and culture.

Guangzhou has a great opportunity from the axis and extending its influence to become an ecological city core, from the north mountain to the south Pearl River, interconnecting west and east creeks, with green oriented pedestrian friendly ecological corridors. The hill becomes an important element for the sponge city system, catching and collecting water, reused and connected to the urban water system to build an integrated ecological network.

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