Sunac Tianjie 1956 (Tianjing Tractor Factory Renovation)

Commercial Complex, Urban Renewal
Sunac China North China Regional Group
Archiland International/HHD/Lacime Architects
Nankai District, Tianjin
Duan Liang, Zhou Min, Zhang Yini, Xia Chaowen

The project is located on the west side of Hongqi Road, Nankai District, Tianjin, adjacent to the old Campus of Tianda & Nankai University. Except for Shuixi Park on the west side, the surrounding areas are all old communities before the 1970s. The replanning of the old factory will transform the industrial structure of the factory, which is dominated by heavy industry, into a more diversified urban commercial supporting system. To build a landmark commercial center on the former site of the factory will make Tiantuo become a new engine of economic and social development in the central area of Tianjin city and re-stimulate the vitality of the city.Under the basic framework of the reserved elements of the old factory area, two compound core features and public construction belts formed by extending the reserved cross-shaped avenue divide the old factory area into four zones. Commercial street is located in the northeast area, keep maintenance of casting, forging, assembly, such as the core of the four covers an area of 10 ha workshop area, keep workshop by level to the mixture ratio, different formats and metro station to form commercial, office, transportation and other vertical mixing of open 24 hours blocks to attract more types of consumer groups and prolong the residence time.


As the precious industrial memory of Tianjin, in order to retain and continue the deep emotion of Tiantuo people for this land, the landscape team tries to integrate the industrial context and modern life demand, to recreate a place with historical temperature, hoping that people can enjoy the time of the glorious industrial years while walking on the commercial street.

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The semi-enclosed layout of the L-shaped inner lane courtyard forms a dense network of narrow roads, connecting the former production courtyard in series. The site design connects the production memory of the past with the modern business culture, with "casting square - forging garden - metalworking courtyard and parts courtyard" as the clue, supplemented by various themes of waterscape - sculpture artistic expression, creative reproduction of the production process of the story line. The red brick material extends from the building facade to the landscape paving, hinting at various functions and spatial nodes and leading visitors into a sequential spatial experience. The structure and space of the building are retained, and the new and old Spaces collide with the materials to feel the dialogue of 60 years of space and time. Leaning over the workshop, overlapping time and space, the busy and substantial time in the workshop has changed into the temperament of modern business, and the unique charm of machinery has become a fixed historical picture. Walking through the neighborhood buildings and Spaces, feeling the life style, the memory of The Times and the history of wind and rain we have gone through together. Time and space are drawn closer and intermingled here, and I also look forward to the new life of the site.

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