Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarters Base

TOD Urban Park
Shenzhen Bay Super Base Construction Headquarters Office
MSP Martha Schwartz & Partners
Shenzhen, China
Martha Schwartz, Markus Jatsch, Duan Liang, Eva Garcia Pascual,Matthew Gindlesperger, Zhang Yini, Shen Tianchi, Han YinMing, Jiang Xinyi,Ren Yongfa, Wang Yunbin, Zhao Yunting, Timothy Nawrocky.

Situated at the intersection of the picturesque mountains and the extensive Shenzhen Bay, the innovation metropolis of Shenzhen grew from a humble fishing village to ONE OF World Class City within a mere of 40 years. A triumph of economic growth, and social and environmental transformation, Shenzhen is poised for continued future success and attraction as an innovative, inclusive, dynamic, advanced knowledge and high-tech global center. As we imagine the Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarters Base, we return to the memory of the fishing village, honoring this history through an adaption of the fishing Net iconography into a world-class, unique landscape masterpiece -- a memory for the future.


The central feature of the HyperNet extends from north to south. Beginning as a few strands which function as lighting and seating elements, these wood combined with steel elements twist, turn, weave, and cross, becoming an iconic trellis, that is fluid like the water of Shenzhen Bay and its majestic, undulating topography like Shenzhen’s picturesque mountains.

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Environment and sponge city
Concept generation

The design elaborates the notion of the ‘Hypernet’ beyond the idea of the ‘big solution’: it incorporates multiple layers of approach; as a large-scale intelligent sculpture that merges history, culture, ecology, technology, and innovation into an iconic art piece. The Hypernet spreads horizontally and vertically along 2.4 kilometres, interconnecting the multiple levels of circulation intersecting at the new CBD, and creating poetic scenarios to isolate users from the bustle of the great metropolis.

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