Shanghai Bvlgari Hotel Garden Regeneration Design

Tourism, Resort and Hospitality
Bvlgari Hotel Group, OCT
Jingan District, Shanghai, China
Liang Duan, Pang Jiawei, Yang Lixia, Liu Longyan, Yang Mengxue, Xie Jiake, Zhang Zhongyi, Bian Zehua

The regenerated area is directly facing the hotel lobby, next to the Shanghai General Chamber of Commerce (currently the Bvlgari Hotel's Two Michelin star Restaurant, Polishen). Instead of totally reconstructing the original garden, the design is approaching to find the site's problem accuratedly,. By decreasing the dense plant barrier between the hotel lobby and garden, the guests in the lobby rest area are allowed to extend their view through the garden, and it also brings the green scenes to the hotel public space designed by Antonio Citterio.


As a top luxury brand with 100 years of history, heritage and innovation has always been Bvlgari's constant pursuit of design. The Bvlgari hotel brand, as same as Bvlgari Jewelry, will inherit the interpretation of the quality of luxury life by the Bvlgari family. After investigating the site of the project at the beginning of receiving the commission, we did not be eager to conceive the specific design, but began to think about a question: What kind of experience and feelings does our design need to deliver to the guests? For the landscape design of the outdoor garden, however, requires completely different materials and techniques to interpret the same value essence as the hotel interior, furniture and even Bvlgari jewelry.

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Construction Process
Regenerated internal garden
Carefully positioned stones

The most important purpose of the design is to regenerate the underused garden space. In the beginning we listen carefully to the Bvlgari hotel and OCTs' demands and vision. During the process, we also consider from the texture, colour, level, and positon of plants, and all the details of furnitures, pavings, and lightings, in order to combine the original Italian romance with local Shanghai delication. The design of the garden at the end is the highlight of the whole garden. It was originally located in a narrow corner between two buildings, and obscured by dense vegetation, it was very cold and mosquito infested, lacking of popularity. After the transformation of plants, topography, stones, and the cabana, the site is changed into a quiet and luxury private booth.

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