Haikou Westcoast Waterfront

Civic & Public Landscape
Haikou Municipal Government, Haikou Tourism Development Group
Haikou, Hainan, China
Liang Duan, Lu Gao, Yichen Zhang, Xinyu Xu, Yizhu Zou, Grace Wang, Xinyi Jiang, Yifan Zhang, Wenxuan Xu(Intern)

In order to bring fresh blood to the west coast, the whole plan uses the trend art beach as the engine, combined with the venue advantages of Haikou Free Trade Port and the Consumer Fair, so that the west coast grows its own vitality artery and forms the theme area of 'West Coast Wave Riding'.


Formally, inspired by the geological phenomenon produced by the tidal movement, the deisgn abstractly formed 'Sea Erosion Column Landmark Tower', 'Tanjiaowan Earth Art District', 'Tidal Bay Living Art Museum', 'Haiken Bay Urban Balcony', 'Atoll Outdoor Theater', 'Rock Pool Fountain Group' and 'Sea Erosion Platform Sports Area' and other unique artistic landscape functional spaces.

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Marine Stack
The landmark building of the Marine stack is integrated with functions such as art exhibition halls, performances, sightseeing, restaurants and hotels to form a multi-functional portal landmark.
Beach Cusp
Beach cusp Bay incorporates this form into the topography design, which not only enriching the interest of the site, but also connecting the coast and urban space that were originally separated by roads.
The shape of the tidal bay is inspired by the lagoon, with a three-level drop, interacting with the tide at the lowest point, and adding an art and living hall to enrich the site functions.

The landscape concept design reinforces the continuity to the urban structure of Wenzhou. Considering the urban axes, the integration of the circulation, landscape and water systems, the new waterfront interconects and improves the relationship between the city and the Oujiang river.

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