Greater Bay Area CCD—— CRLand Guangzhou HIGH BAY PARK

Civic & Public, TOD Development
Guangzhou Xintang, Guangdong, China
Duan Liang, Wang Qiao, Zhang Yini, Feng Feiyang, Wei Weifeng, Jiang Xinyi, Ren Yongfa, Zhang Yifan, liu Yang, Han Peihong, Teng Zhaohe, Yang Lixia, Xie Jin, Liu Jihong, Liu Longyan, Huang Xianlan

AURA barged to the forefront from five global design studios and was announced as the winner of the international competition for the sky park above Zengcheng Xintang Overpass, which was jointly developed by CRLand, Provincial Transportation Group, Guangzhou Zhentong Industry and Shenwan Construction in November 2020. The project is located on the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macao Science and Technology Innovation Corridor in the Greater Bay Area, integrating national railways/intercity rails/subways/city roads. The 150,000-square-meter overpass sky garden with a total investment of nearly 7 billion RMB is one of the five provincial-level key projects in Guangdong as well as the first and largest TOD urban park of domestic.


Xintang, known as "Shabei" in ancient times, was the confluence of the ancient East River Estuary and the Inland Sea. The sand brought by the Dongjiang water and the shells brought by the ocean tides are deposited here, and the name of xintang derived from the pond here. The Shixiang Sea Cave is a testimony to the vicissitudes of history. The design started from the history and geography of Xintang, and extracted inspiration from nature. The design idea was from sea breeze, sunshine, beach, marine cave, and seashell, aiming to create a nature-friendly, bionic, and child-friendly park. Through bionic modeling, we created features for visitors to remember.

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Sky Park
Plan Layout
Eight Themed Scenes

This project, as a highway sky park, is different from other general parks, and faces many challenges at the beginning of the project. Through multiple communication with Party A, the traffic design department and the construction unit, the design has been adjusted for several rounds, and is still in the process of continuous modification and optimization. This is a unique opportunity and challenge for Aura. The park is planned to be completed and open in 2023, please look forward to the final results!

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