Changzhou Changqin Lane

Commercial Complex
Jiangsu Changzhou Oriental Investment Holding Co., LTD
JATO Architects
Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, China
Duan Liang, Wang Qiao, Feng Feiyang, Zhang Yini, Jiang Xinyi, Ren Yongfa, Wei Weifeng, Wen Ziqiu, Yu Shuangfeng, Huang Xianlan, Sun Changlu

Changqingli 'Cultural Tourism District',The first innovative POD (park integrated commercial facility) commercial complex in Changzhou. It is linked with Dongfang Yunhu and the Cultural Activity Center to form a "park+" waterfront leisure commercial district. In the overall design and layout, it includes 11 multi-functional activity pure enjoyment spaces.


Choosing to carry on the cultural heritage of Longcheng, passing on the local culture, the architectural layout cleverly uses the Chinese "arch bridge" element, taking the arch as the form, integrating the dragon spine lines into the main axis landscape, and taking the dragon playing with water as the main tone, together with the white walls and black tiles, gabled roofs to construct a harmonious street district landscape that integrates and interacts, so that the traditional street district pattern inherited until now in southern China is in harmony with modernity.

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Spatial Positioning
Popularity Attraction
Circulation Experience

The landscape concept design reinforces the continuity to the urban structure of Wenzhou. Considering the urban axes, the integration of the circulation, landscape and water systems, the new waterfront interconects and improves the relationship between the city and the Oujiang river.

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